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Sushi is delicious,. Get the Yaki Udon with chicken. Darcie Guerry November 1, Try the soy sauce salad dressing- very good! Theressa Knupp January 9, Get the triple t and the jumbo style tempura. Tammy Steward November 1, I'm disappointed. The Scam Roll is my absolute favorite, scrumptious!

Dee Pinky December 18, Try the strawberry sake martini! Diane Till October 24, Michelle Glenn September 3, Absolutely amazing. Brian Franz August 16, Nikki Sunshine December 11, Missy Mixon April 5, Bacon fried rice Charli Baltim0re July 15, Jami M August 8, Stephanie Vaughn July 26, Gavin Harper June 3, R April 7, Jeffrey Swain December 30, Get directions. Join us for an unforgettable meal today! You might also like.

Entertaining cooking and great service" Kara Graham. Walgreens Pharmacy N Main St. Is this your business? Claim it now. Make sure your information is up to date. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. She returned with a cloth napkin and a fork. I started eating my soup and after several spoons, I noticed a funny texture on my tongue. I pulled it out and eat was a piece of paper.

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I told my friend that I had paper in my soup. When the waitress came over, I told her as well as show her the piece of paper. And walked away. When our food arrived we were given one small container of the white sauce. My friend had asked for spicy mayo and he was given some type of mustard. We had to practically bed for more white sauce. When I looked down at my food, my first thought was that it didn't look fresh or even presentable. The portion size was ridiculously small all but the rice which was a mound of cold food.

My food looked like a reheated stir fry So we paid and we left. I tried several times to call and speak to a manger.

I got an answering service, voice mail and numerous times no one answered. I finally got thru last night and spoke to a manger by the name of Gabriel. He listened to me and got my number and my email address. He emailed me back a few minutes later basically recanting everything I said. He said that he had spoke to our waitress that stated me and my friend said everything was "great" including service!

He went on to say that it was restaurant policy that if there was a complaint or something in food that the wait staff was to report that to management at the time of the complaint. This clearly didn't happen because our waitress clearly did not care about service or the quality of our food. This manager stated that he would be glad to offer me a free appetizer if I chose to return to Katsus but he would not refund my money since there was not any proof of what I had said and I did not speak to a manager as was policy.

I see the empty parking lot. I know what this parking lot use to look like and I also know how the food should look, taste and the temperature. I also can discern a good waitress and good service from a poor one. I can afford to eat out. I do not need anything free but I do expect quality food and service. I let him know that I didn't want a free appetizer nor would I be back.

I was infuriated that the waitress pretty much lied to cover her tail. If service and the food were "great" why didn't she get a tip?

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I always tip but the service, her attitude and the food was horrible. Not to mention I had a foreign substance in my food. I went on to state that I would just give my negative review publically so that thousands could see and judge for themselves as to whether they wanted to risk eating here over a decent place.

The manager came back and said that he would respond in reference to my "alleged experience".

Do not go here - Yokoso Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

He states that this waitress further fabricated an additional story stating my "online date apologized for my rudeness to her. My neighbor and I both thought this was hilarious. Please think twice before eating here I was craving hibachi so my husband took me here. The food is everything you want it to be.

It's delicious and flavorful! They have side seating for a quieter experience if you don't want to do the whole "cook in front of you" experience. The hostess was so friendly and welcoming but our waitress seemed to be bogged down. The hostess ended up taking our drink order and we had to wait awhile before placing our order. The restaurant was clean and had clean restrooms. We'll be back for sure. Found this restaurant using my iPhone from hotel. Large facility, nicely appointed and I had great attentive service. They were full size rolls of 8 pieces each for a total of 24 pieces.

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I was really stuffed but forced myself to finish them all as they were very good. I have been to large Japanese Restaurants over the years but Katsu has the most tables I've ever seen.

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A very nice experience and let totally satisfied. Would recommend if in the area!

So last I went with some friends to Katsu Japanese Steakhouse. When we got there, it was busy. I expected this since its restaurant week so I didn't mind.

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We waited almost an hour for a table. Hostess mentioned serving celiac customers all the time. Waitress mentioned that the kitchen staff changed gloves and verbally stated that my meal was gluten free. Separate gluten free menu with many choices was provided upon request. Prices are very reasonable for the quantity. I'm leaving as a happy customer and plan to return again!

Gluten free teriyaki chicken cooked before my very eyes! Food was good and the GF options abundant.