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Below is a video walkthrough I made to guide you in tracking any Amazon coupon code you have given out; but before I show you that, I want to make sure you are clear on how important it is to know your numbers. Not tracking your data in business is like trying to drive a car to a destination with a blindfold on.

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We are marketers. We are entrepreneurs. This part of the walkthrough is the only one in which you do before your Amazon product promotion. When setting up your promotion, be sure to give the Tracking ID a name which you can easily identify in a spreadsheet. This signifier could be something random or maybe a prefix of your company.

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The rest is probably self-explanatory. Take the ideas I have and adapt them to what works for you. Once your promotion is over, head over to Seller Central and click Reports from the main menu, and then choose Fulfillment. Next, click the Download tab and choose the dates you ran your Amazon coupon code promotion through.


Be sure to add an extra day or two as your end date to compensate for any time zone differences from when your promotion was set to end. Okay, awesome! Then click the drop-down menu button you see in the top right corner of the promotion-ids cell and choose:.

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Once you hit the OK button, a box will pop up as you see below. Our next step is to copy the filtered results into a new sheet so we can work with the rows and columns a little easier.

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At this point, you can organize the columns and headings to your liking. You can even rename the column headings if you choose.

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I like to create two new columns and name them Date and Day as shown below. The first one we will do is the Date column. As you can see in column B, we have the year, month, and day on which the Amazon coupon code was used. To show only that data in the C column and not the time stamp , use this formula:. What this does is count the number of characters found in B2 from the left over to the right by 10 and outputs only that data in the C cell we clicked in. Remember, B2 is the original cell we are pulling the data from.

To fill in the rest of the C column, click and hold the little dot in the lower right corner of the new data you created in the C column and drag it all the way down to the last spot. Never miss another coupon.

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