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I have 2 passes with unused coupons.

What is the limit for ecoupon use per season pass? Your email address will not be published. Do you plan to release more park maps and gui How can it take over a year to retheme a caro It looks like this: This is what the back looks like: Before you can use your season pass to claim your benefits, you need to first activate it. It looks like this: If this is your first time here, you will need to click on Register and setup your account. This is where you will see all of the benefits and eCoupons that are available to you: To learn more about any particular benefit, just click on the Details button next to it.

This particular benefit is only good at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and only on 23 Feb Many of the deals are valid at multiple parks, so you still get some benefits when you travel: Another nice feature of this new system is that you can easily manage multiple accounts using the Family Accounts tab on the left. Has anyone used an eCoupon yet? How did it work out? Was it as easy as they say it is? Thanks for the update on this. PS, if it matters, I did the buy 4 or more and get an upgrade to gold offer? Thanks anyways!

Love the site! Do i have to be present to let someone use my free friend pass? What if I have 2 passes? Could I use one coupon for each pass? Scott C. You have two season passes? Who buys two season passes? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted March 1, 1. Posted February 28, 0. Posted February 26, 0. Posted February 7, 0. Unlike a Season Pass where you pay for an entire season at once, with Membership you only have to pay for one month at a time.

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This gives you the flexibility to cancel any time you want after the first 12 months instead of making you commit in full-year increments. In order to offer you that flexibility we have no way of knowing what your total cost will be.

Yes and no. All Memberships need to be purchased "online" using a computer you can't sign up for a Membership at a cash register. However, we do have computers at the park you can use to sign up for your Membership, and our Membership experts will be on hand to answer any questions you have about Memberships or the Membership registration process. If you can complete your Membership registration at home you will save yourself time when you get to the park, but you can definitely sign up for your Membership at the park if you'd like. Yes, but bear in mind that you must activate your Membership at the Six Flags park you purchased it from.

That's pretty much it! Your Membership will be valid immediately after you complete your initial signup. It's very straightforward. When you sign up for your Membership you can choose to provide us with a security deposit or not. If you do we'll charge the security deposit to your credit card and hold on to it until you cancel your Membership. If all of your monthly fees are paid up and you've essentially lived up to your side of the contract, we'll return your security deposit to you in whatever fashion you provided it to us. The vast, vast, vast majority of Members receive their full security deposit back when they cancel.

The only difference between a "security deposit Membership" and a "non-security deposit Membership" is that those who provide security deposits pay a slightly lower monthly fee than those who choose not to provide a security deposit.

Six Flags season passes: bring a friend for free?

You can activate your Membership at the park whenever you like. The only requirement is that before you can use your Membership to visit other parks you must first activate it at the park you purchased it from. Some of our Season Pass promotions have specific requirements about visitiation -- for example, to receive a "free upgrade to Gold" you might need to visit the park by a certain date.

Memberships do not have requirements like this. The process is entirely automatic. We will not send you a monthly bill that you have to pay. But you are not charged per ticket. After your initial order is complete you are never charged the processing fee again. We of course reserve the right to raise our monthly fees every once in a while. However we will not raise your fees during your initial 12 month commitment and if we do raise your monthly fee we will give you plenty of notice to cancel if that is what you want to do.

Our web price for Memberships -- that is, the price that new Members pay -- is definitely subject to increase over time. Unlike our Season Passes which regularly go on sale at different times of the year, we have already reduced the cost of our Memberships to the lowest possible level and do not plan to have Membership "sales. Unlike other theme parks which offer payment plans, a Six Flags Membership is a monthly program like the YMCA, your Netflix account, or any of the various other programs that get paid month to month.

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While there is a 12 month initial commitment, you can cancel any time you like after that. You can, if you choose, opt to provide us with a security deposit which will lower your monthly Membership fee. However, at the end of your Membership when you cancel we will return your security deposit back to you nobody ever returns a "down payment" provided that you're all paid up on your monthly fees and you've met the requirements of your Membership agreement the vast, vast, vast majority of Members receive their security deposit back.

So if you signed up for your Membership on June 15, then your next payment will take place July 15, and then August Once you have a Membership account you will be able to log in and change your payment method whenever you want. These dates are published in the park newsletter and in the Membership Portal and in the Six Flags Mobile App at least a couple of months in advance. No, you do not have to pay for parking. Season Parking is included with every Membership.

Some Membership levels even include Preferred Parking every visit. Most of your Membership benefits are valid at every participating Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor you visit. See the Membership Guide for details. Free friend tickets may only be used at your "home" park the park where you signed up for your Membership. All of your Membership benefits will be displayed in your Membership portal at sixflags. Each benefit is different. Other benefits, like certain upgrades and add-ons, must be purchased online through the Membership portal.

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In every case the instructions will be clearly laid out for you. Member Dining Passes are available at a discount to Members at the time you sign up for your Membership.

A Brand New Loyalty Program Just for Members!

If you are contemplating a Member Dining Pass, your best bet is to sign up for your Member Dining Passes at the same time if you wait until later you will have to go through a complicated process. You will be asked if you want to sign up for a Member Dining Pass during your Membership signup process. Season Dining Passes may be added to your Membership at any time. Members do not receive a discount on Season Dining Passes. Member Dining Plans may only be purchased through the Membership signup process.

If you already have a Membership, you may use the "Upgrade" feature in the Online Member Services section to sign up for Member Dining. Membership Dining Passes have a minimum of commitment of 12 months, and then you can cancel them anytime that you like. Using a screen reader and having problems using this website? Ring up. During regular business hours.

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If you need help with our online store. Skip to main content. Membership Video. Show More. Membership Flash Sale Special Deal. Free Game Play You get one free game play this fall. All Four Membership Levels. Become a Six Flags Member. Gold Plus Membership.

Platinum Membership. Diamond Membership.