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This promotional email works because it gets the customer thinking about possibilities. You have a green light to send a promotional email to people who opted in but not to badger your subscribers or annoy them.

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They use colors and a short message to transport you to their picturesque fairy tale and tell captivating stories to drive your attention. Clear terms of the offer are highlighted at the top of the email to keep you informed and the offer transparent. Christmas it all about giving.

This is a great way to reach new customers and reward existing customers. Do you like this email? Create a free account and build your promotional email campaign in Vero. Sometimes a less conventional approach can be more engaging.

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They know the deals will be good. The context is already there. This email is just a green light to start shopping. You have two options when it comes to announcing events via email. You can include the announcement in an exiting email like a newsletter or send a separate email dedicated to the announcement. Both can work and we have examples of each. As always, the format is less important than the content. Can you concisely and clearly communicate value? Do that, and your event will be off to a great start. This is an example of building the announcement into an existing newsletter.

Peep does a great job using a conversational tone. This is a different approach. KISSmetrics sent this email with the sole purpose of announcing the webinar.

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The story builds your interest before sealing the deal with a call to action. Conferences are big investments so people are likely to spend a lot of time researching before they commit. The landing page really sold the show. This email was just a catalyst. In this report that Buffer sends each week, they ask users to upgrade above the fold. Recipients see the call to action before they even see the metrics. Upgrade emails exist in many forms. There are a few different approaches in this section.

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Pay special attention to Buffer as they seem to be onto something great with their version. TripAdvisor does something very similar. This is a great example of making the most of transactional email. Users like receiving their reports and probably feel good about the metrics. Instead of going for the upgrade right away, Spotify lets you try their premium service for free first.

And the service is great. Email marketing always works best when the product does the selling for you. This approach is similar to Spotify but Todoist spends a little more time on the benefits of the service.

This is useful to newbies since the software does so much. The problem with click-bait is that the headline oversells the content, leaving the reader disappointed. Each newsletter arrives with a question from my feed, meaning the subject lines are always interesting and cover a wide range of topics. We wrote more about this strategy in 20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails. Survey your customers about your product. They can be promotional or behavioral.

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We suggest the latter since highly targeted behavioral emails consistently perform better than promotional emails. Powerful and useful, yes but overwhelming.

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This promotional email is a perfect way to engage users with the software and make them feel good about their investment. Pinterest sends a great onboarding series. Seriously, go sign up for a new account to get some great ideas for your own onboarding email.

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So it worked … really well. Onboarding emails are designed to drive engagement. You also have an opportunity to delight the recipient more on that here by giving them something free or surprising them. Check out what we mean. Subject line: We got this one wrong. When Buffer first added feeds to their app, users were upset because they could only add one. It was still better than before, just not as good as people hoped. And he announced that effective immodestly, users could add up to 15 feeds. Maybe it had a bad link, an incorrect date or a grammar error. In this case, Copyblogger sent an email about an upcoming webinar but listed the time incorrectly.

This email arrived shortly after apologizing for the error and for the extra noise in the inbox. Your tech team invests a lot of team energy trying to achieve It happens, and it often requires an apology. According to the most recent data , Pinterest has eclipsed the million active user mark.

Which is why it makes sense that you might be searching out ways to integrate Pinterest into your WordPress site. If you have a suitable website and actually put forth some effort into growing your account and pinterest followers you will find that it can be a good source of extra traffic to your site and can help further your brand and introduce it to a new audience that you might not have found otherwise. Click Here for Deal. While many types of websites can benefit from Pinterest, there are some niches that fare better than others.

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According to an actual scientific study from researchers at the University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech, these are the topics that are the most popular on Pinterest:. And while women are still the dominant demographic on Pinterest, more and more men are joining the social network. And, according to the same study, men are more interested in:. So, if your site falls into those categories, you should definitely consider integrating with Pinterest. You can go from WordPress to Pinterest.

That is, you can implement integrations that help your WordPress content get shared more often and more prominently on Pinterest. One of the simplest ways you can encourage people to share your posts is via a dedicated Pinterest Pin-it button. So, before you continue on with this section, we encourage you to check your social share plugin if applicable.

If you want to show a Pin-it button whenever a user hovers over an image, you can configure that setting from the same interface. If you just want to add a simple button that lets your visitors follow you on Pinterest, you can use the free Add Pinterest Follow Button plugin from the same developer. Once you install and activate the plugin, it gives you a new Add Pinterest Follow Button widget that you can use in any widgetized area on your site. Then, drag over the widget and configure the four simple options:. Follow the instructions for the Board Widget shortcode to create your own shortcode:.

One unique thing about Pinterest in comparison to other social networks is that images that are taller than they are wide actually get pinned more often. In fact, Pinterest themselves recommend a aspect ratio for images.