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Psychology to-day is enjoying an unexpected and dangerous popularity because it has been found useful in application. Mental testing, industrial psychology, psychotherapy, these are the fields in which psychologists are considered to justify themselves. We are entitled to feel satisfaction that we have made some contribution to current problems ; but it is necessary to insist that their scientific interest is soon exhausted, and that further developments in the sphere of practice are dependent upon the construction of a coherent body of theory.

Koehler's book is very remote from a warring world, but because it deals with fundamental issues it may be regarded as ultimately of greater importance than the technical successes by which psychology is now at length securing a place in the sun. Reprints and Permissions.

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Subscribe Search My Account Login. After viewing, close the video link to return to this page. The written text is provided as an illustrated PDF which can be downloaded, printed, or viewed on screen. Have now seen video through and am deeply impressed by the way you get the whole Arctic issue across.

Better than I could have done. This deserves maximal exposure in the world.

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  • Details and timelines;

I would like to emphasise the importance and value of your brilliant work, and invite you to speak once more at the ICES Biennial Workshop here in Geneva - in front of 45 chosen people. I felt the quality of this recording to be far superior to some of the previous ones you made. I think you have reached the capacity to produce a very professional level of video presentations. Synonymes: velocity , more Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself.

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