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Then when it comes time to buy a new bike, I bet London to a brick you will be looked after. I know those dealers which I have developed long term relationships with, always looked after me. A phone call to buy a bike was usually a 5 minute affair, culminating with me giving them a credit card deposit over the phone and going in a few days later to sign the documents.

Simple and easy for both parties and I never got ripped off. Again, knowing a good deal from a bad deal was the key. Now, I am well aware that not all dealers have professional sales staff and even within one shop, there can be great sales staff and absolute plonkers who should have got out of the business in That crap went out of the car industry in the s.

But there are still some relics who persist with this style of approach despite the fact that it just no longer works.

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A professional sales person will be more than happy to offer you a good price, once they have worked out exactly what you want and when you want it. Keep your eye out for manufacturer runouts or sales programs where they offer price or add on incentives for bikes sold and delivered by a certain date. Pushing forward your decision may save some additional money in these circumstances.

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  • Also, if you need new gear, it is another avenue for negotiations. Sometimes there is more margin in the accessories, than there is in the bike they are selling. Finance and insurance can also be another avenue for price concessions which may sway your decision. Whatever you do, try not to let a poor experience from a sales person taint your next interaction with the next sales person.

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    Ok article. I understand but will not believe that the mark up is that low. But what they pay vs what the bike sells for is thousands apart if a dealership did not cover that cost per bike they would be out of business. The real question is weather a dealership is willing to deal vs just give you the finger and tell you MSRP or get out of the dealership.

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    I am in the market for a new HD Heritage. I am obviously not buying it during a blizzard outside, so the dealership will not be giving it away. Hopefully the fact that I am ready to take delivery NOW, if I can get an unbelievable deal might make the deal. I really appreciate your advice to do prior research before looking at motorcycles at a dealership. It sounds like it would be a lot easier to know what a good deal is and you will be able to find a bike that fits your needs the best. Since I would like to use one for commuting, I would like to buy one that is comfortable and has good gas mileage.

    I have been looking into getting a motorcycle and wanted some tips before I go in. One thing that stood out to me is to be as honest as I can because the salespeople can tell whats true or not. It is important to understand that when purchasing any new mode of transport, preparation is crucial. I,m looking to purchase a new bike.

    Would it be wise to get a bike from that distance away? But if there is no Honda dealership within miles, there is likely to be little else closer! Cheers, Mark.

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    I thought it was interesting that you talked about how even the best motorcycles will need work done on them. My older brother is looking to find a motorcycle dealership so he can buy a motorcycle for the summer. He also told me they can only sell bikes to residents of that particular state which is a load of crap. My wife and I have been looking a motorcycle, and I think that getting some tips would be good. Thanks for the tip to be as honest as you can when looking to get a good deal on a motorcycle.

    Developing a relationship with a dealer while at the trade might be something I try out to better my chances at getting a good deal. I want to buy a R6 this week which I have been watching for a while now. The dealerships have not sold them and have been sitting since they got them in. The MSRP is and i have that in cash. Is there anything I can do to get them down at least to 11,? Hi Leo, Have you tried being honest and just asking them for the price you are prepared to pay? Sales have slumped in the past six months so dealers are desperate to move floor stock. You might just be lucky!

    I been looking at them online and they all have the same MSRP price. How does this work with the MSRP price? I will have to buy the bike over the phone or I have to head out of town over miles and have it shipped to my door step. It was a great piece of advice to know finance and insurance can also be another avenue for price concessions which may sway your decision.

    My husband and I want to get a motorcycle to go on a long road trip this summer. We will be sure to get a great motorcycle so that we can have a great time on our road trip! You tell the same story as all dealers do. I even suspect that it is all true. What really grinds my gears is lying salesmen. It reflects very badly on what might be an otherwise good dealership too. A dealership that employs salespeople who try to use that technique with me, will not see my money. I really like what was said about making sure you know what you want before you go to a dealer.

    A few years ago I lived down the street from a motorcycle dealer and I had never considered riding before. I ended up buying a motorcycle from the dealer and it was just a great experience! This article was written like a true salesman.

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    • If as a customer you understand that, then you are well on the way to saving money. The only thing I agree with this article is that one should not be rude.

      How To Buy A New Motorcycle - Advice for Dealership Virgins

      Sales people have a job to do. Sometimes that job is a push over and other times is difficult to impossible. Loyalty to dealerships is a sure way to spend more money than you should. Loyalty should not have a price on it. And that includes hard nosed but always polite negotiating with multiple dealers. There are always reasons why one dealer will offer a lower price than another. I would like to ask Simon if the customer who bought cheaper down the road gave him a chance to match the lower price?

      It makes it very hard to find any reason to prefer them over any other dealer out of my area who will. Whatever they may say to the contrary.

      We’ll take care of everything

      Have you? To clarify my position….. Dealing with a difficult customer is par for the course in retail and something staff do on a daily basis. But I was making comment on rude customers. There is a difference. I never allowed a rude customer to brow beat any of my staff. They were politely shown the front door by me personally and asked not to return.

      Yet, we always were among the top two or three dealers in sales and customer satisfaction. I hope this provides a little more information to give clarity to my comment. As for your comment about dealers making good money, you have very obviously never run a dealership.

      I once gave a WR to a customer for the weekend to compete in an enduro, complete with fresh tyres, and a jerry can full of pre-mixed fuel because we wanted the correct oil to be used. He loved the bike and bought a WR Of course a simple check of the oil pump and the line between the pump and the motor reveals no oil what so ever. Yes, run out of oil. The there was the RGV owner who was a gun rider.

      As soon as I jumped on it to take it to the workshop, I could feel that he back tyre was so under inflated that it was indeed handling like a pig. One of the best was a guy who bought a new helmet and crashed a week later, smacking his head on the road. He wanted warranty on the helmet because the fiberglass had fractured where the helmet hit the road. I kid you not. It would be easy to write a book because people in the bike trade encounter this sort of thing EVERY day, but I prefer to focus on my nice customers. The ones who are always welcome in the shop and drop in for a coffee and a chat. The ones who always get a loan bike and their bike given that little bit extra care when they come in for a service. Click the button below to agree to the use of cookies, and remove this message. Featured Motorcycles. Our Brands. Welcome to Motorcycles Direct Lloyd Cooper Motorcycles, also known as Motorcycles Direct, was established in and we have been trading from the same premises on Queens Road, Watford, ever since.

      I agree.