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The rope that hangs under the second platform provides endless entertainment for most cats, as they tend to love poking and clawing at strings and ropes. This Go Pet Club model is the perfect tree for smaller and medium-sized cats. Plus it comes in four different colors to work with any interior color scheme; tan, black, dark navy or a rich brown. Under the first level there is a traditional hammock, and between the first and second levels, on the side, there is a round canopy-style hammock. There are a number of features that make this particular Go Pet Club tree stand out from the rest. Here are some of the things that make this tree great.

Here is a list of some of the things you or your cat might not like so much about this tree. The rope alone can provide hours of entertainment, and the condo, tube, and multiple hammocks provide an extremely comfortable place for your cat to relax. While this is best for smaller to average sized cats, it definitely is one of the better trees out there. However, if you have a larger cat, you are probably going to want to find something a little more sturdy, as regular play on this by a heavier cat is going to cause it to destabilize over time.

All in all, this is an excellent cat tree for those who have small to medium-sized cats. They will love having their own place to play and you will love watching them enjoy it! Save your furniture and curtains with a cat tree or tower. Your cat brings you joy in so many ways. Their own activity center is a gift that they will enjoy daily. Recommended by pets, their owners, and vets, this Go Pet Club tree is sure to delight kitties of all ages.

This kitty condo is designed with quality materials that wear well, even under the feistiest cat conditions.

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This sturdy multi-tiered tower features two condos, three perches, two toy mice, ramps and natural sisal wrapped posts for scratching, plus two toy mice. When they are ready to relax, cozy cubbyholes offer plenty of privacy, whether you have one cat or two or even three. The platforms are sturdy enough to support kitties of all ages, weights and sizes. Keep your furry friend healthy and active every day with this tower. Since this product is intended to provide an active play space, and cats play tough, sturdiness and durability are important factors in determining the best cat tree.

Reviews done by experts and buyers agree that this Go Pet Club tree is one of the best. Balanced posts at each corner aid in stability, and faux fur covers all of the platforms and ramps to afford safe play. Once out of the box, you might not even get it assembled before they start enjoying it! Your cat needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy, though. Offering an alternative place to play and lounge will reduce damage to furniture in your home and give your pet its own personal space.

Homes with multiple cats will enjoy the roomy set-up and spacious platforms of this Go Pet Club tree. Your cats can have fun playing together with plenty of space for peaceful naps. Even the best products have slight downsides. This Go Pet Club cat playground is a great investment, but there are a few minor drawbacks to be considered.

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All of these are minor and easily remedied, however. Expect your feline friends to spend their days climbing, playing, and curling up on this unique cat tower every day. Hidey holes, toys, ramps, and perches provide hours of daily entertainment. You can also look forward to less vacuuming, because they will spend more time on this cat tree than your expensive furniture.

Cats of all ages and sizes prefer this tower and will find the scratching post more interesting than your drapes! The natural sisal rope wrapped posts lets your cat do what comes naturally, keeping them away from furniture and curtains.

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It all depends! Do you have a large vehicle in which you can carry a fully assembled cat tree home? If not which is the case for many of us , then you may want to go ahead and order one online so that the shipping company can transport it for you. Be prepared for some assembly, though. Trees come in all shapes and sizes, with a few almost 9 feet tall.

If you have a young, lightweight cat that loves to climb, then a tall narrow cat tree is a good option. For larger breeds, shorter models with large platforms will probably work better. Look for the weight limit in product descriptions. You know how, when you buy cat litter , you have to buy it based on how many cats you own?

Cat trees are the same way. You want to try and be sure that there is going to be space for each of your cats to hang out if they wish to do so at the same time. Remember that cats like to perch, so be sure there are enough platforms for each to have their own. Where is your cat tree going to go?

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Is it going to be in the middle of your living room, or is it going to be in a room that has been specially designed for your cats? Older cats are not quite as agile, and you may find them having a difficult time getting to the higher reaches of some of the tallest cat towers that you can find on the market.

If you have an older cat, take some time to explore the best cat trees for older cats instead of just getting the first model you find. Look for ramps that have a gentle slope and wide platforms. Having cool cat furniture that is awesome looking and easy for your cats to get onto is a good idea — but do they have spaces where they can sleep? Cats sleep up to three-quarters of the day, so part of the use of the tower or playground is so that your cat can take a nap whenever they want to. Speaking of levels, the best cat trees often have more than one level where the cats can climb and enjoy themselves.

So, for many cats, the higher the tree is the better. Keep their age and physical health in mind when choosing the tree, though, like we mentioned before. Your cat playground needs to be sturdy, especially if you have a larger or heavier cat that is going to be running around and playing on it. The materials used on the surfaces are a prime consideration.

But it must be practical as well. But some cats prefer the feel of carpet and others like wood. Providing multiple options is ideal, but be aware that carpet is the least durable and the hardest to keep clean. You usually want to find a tree that is held together by nails, and that is made with high-quality wood and other materials that are known for their longevity.

That handiwork will allow your cat to enjoy their playground for many years to come. Does it have additional beds that your cats can lounge on? Maybe there are several toys hanging in different areas on the tree so that your cats can play with them? This is more about you than your cat.

Are you handy, and good at making sure that everything is assembled as it needs to be? Then you could buy a do-it-yourself style and build it on your own. You can find models that are stackable and that you can put together in any sort of cat jungle gym that you can imagine. During your search for cat trees, you may ask yourself whether or not you should invest in one or many trees. It all depends on many of the factors we talked about here.

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You can also choose to supplement it with some cat posts, beds, and other accessories all over your home. It can help to entertain your cat even more and give them lots of choices about which option is the best cat tree for them at that time. Your cats are going to be wild and crazy on their trees so, chances are, they are going to make a mess at some point in time. Some people suggest putting a square carpet underneath to catch any fur or debris.

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats (12222 Reviews)

Others suggest something like a cat litter mat , for pretty much the same reason. This is up to you. Some people have entire rooms that are meant for their furry friends, allowing them to have free reign over the space. Other people find it cleaner and more organized to have a separate space, like the kitchen, where the cats are fed and given water. Consider what space you have and determine what will be cleaner and easier to take care of.

Chances are, you probably can fit a tree in your apartment. There are so many different types nowadays, and they come in almost any shape or size you can imagine. Search around the web to find the best cat tree for small apartments and you are bound to find something that is affordable and that is going to fit in your space with ease. You may have to get creative, but there are very likely options.

You know how you can now find an automatic cat litter box that looks like a side table? You can find cat trees that look like furniture nowadays as well. Plus, it includes a lot of places where your kitty can hide, lay and scratch. And finally, it encourages climbing trees for cats. Moreover, it contains three steps to climb on, a ladder, a hammock, and more features. There are also some hanging toy mice for more entertainment for your kitties and many scratching posts to give them a place to sharpen their claws as well.