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Like any good piece of zombie fiction, the most interesting aspect of The Walking Dead is the relationships that form between the survivors; Lee is a shady character among strangers, and you'll need to figure out who you can trust and how far you can trust them as society falls apart in the background.

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That means you basically need to walk around and talk to every character in the game, but doing so is rarely a chore; the dialogue sequences in The Walking Dead are smartly written and often pressure you to think quickly by setting time limits, causing Lee to sputter impotently if you don't choose a response in time. Of course, all these post-apocalyptic heart-to-hearts are peppered with desperate attempts to fend off marauding zombies by quickly clicking them before they can take a bite out of you or someone you care about.

These action sequences are simple and easy to beat, but they foster an atmosphere of danger that makes The Walking Dead feel tense and thrilling to play. After playing through just the first two episodes, I think this game emulates the grim thrill of The Walking Dead graphic novels better than the AMC television series of the same name. Each episode is brief, taking about two hours to play through, and I recommend you play through an episode in a single sitting as though you were sitting down to watch a movie.

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But where the comics are stark black-and-white affairs, the Walking Dead game is full of colorful characters and lush, vibrant landscapes. Dialogue : Like a great film, The Walking Dead game features dramatic dialogue that keeps you on the edge of your seat during a simple conversation between characters. Lee Everett has a complicated past, and you choose how much he shares with other characters by selecting his responses from different options that sprout up throughout every conversation.

These exchanges are written well enough that the characters feel authentic, making it easy to empathize with their plight and hard to remain unfazed when bad things happen to them. And trust me, very bad things happen while playing this game. You can stream to as many as two devices at the same time.

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You get 30 hours of cloud DVR service with your subscription. The standard cloud DVR service has a hour cap and only lets you keep your recordings for 30 days. Most channels provide on-demand episodes of currently-running TV shows. However, you may get the entire season or the most recent episodes.

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With lots of channels and an easy pay-more-to-get-more subscription structure, it is a popular cable-replacement service. In addition to getting AMC, Sony offers expansion packs that add even more channels.

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Among all the streaming TV services, PlayStation Vue is available on the widest range of streaming devices. With a generous 5-device limit to simultaneous streaming, PlayStation Vue is the most family-friendly of the streaming services.

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Each channel decides whether you get the full season or a limited number of episodes. Seven other premium sports and entertainment channels are also available. YouTube TV has a solid assortment of apps for various streaming devices.

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You can also download the AMC Premiere app. AMC has always been part of the basic cable lineup, but it decided to go premium in when the network launched AMC Premiere as a subscription service. Coupon Codes

You can also binge entire seasons and watch extras of select series. AMC Premiere also produces exclusive content for its subscription service. Source: AMC Premiere.